Correct installation is a prerequisite

Correct installation of lamps and lanterns is the premise of extending the service life of lamps and lanterns.If not installed correctly, lamps can easily break down, sometimes even explode, very dangerous.In the home, bathroom and kitchen lamps should be installed with special care.

The lamp of toilet must contain moistureproof lampshade, will shorten the service life of the lamp greatly otherwise. Kitchen lamps should pay special attention to prevent oil smoke, because the accumulation of oil dirt will affect the illumination of the lamp;The choice of light shade transmittance is better, but easy to stick ash, to wipe diligently, so as not to affect the penetration of light;And generally speaking, do not let the lamps and lanterns of kitchen and bathroom be placed in the position of easy water vapor condensation, so as not to burst.

Cleaning method should be correct

Lamps and lanterns use after a period of time, in the above will precipitate a thick layer of ash, affect our vision, so avoid regular cleaning, so in the process of cleaning up take care not to change the structure of the lamps and lanterns, also don't replace the parts of lamps and lanterns, at the end of the cleaning maintenance, should install lamps and lanterns is good according to the sample, don't packing, wrong parts of lamps and lanterns.

General lamps and lanterns with a dry cloth to wipe, and pay attention to prevent moisture invasion, if the lamps and lanterns are non-metal, available wet cloth to wipe, so as not to accumulate dust, hinder the lighting effect.

As an important household item, lamps and lanterns affect the quality of household life. The maintenance of lamps and lanterns is not only to provide a fresh and clean living environment, but also a safety factor. In case the lamps and lanterns fall off, it will also threaten home safety.

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